Registration is now open for this year’s anticipated NHS APA Conference, which will be held in a virtual format. Taking place on November 28, 2023, the conference aims to foster meaningful discussions under the theme of “Living the Stigma: Understanding Addiction & Overcoming Prejudice.”

Following the success of the 2022 conference, titled “Tackling Stigma in Action: Visibility, Education & Language,” the upcoming event will prioritize the voices of individuals who have personally experienced addiction. It will delve into key areas, including deepening our understanding of addiction’s impact and the ensuing stigma, educating ourselves and others about the various facets of stigma, and developing strategies to overcome prejudice and discrimination faced by people dealing with addiction.

The conference organizers are in the process of finalizing the lineup of speakers, who will bring their expertise and unique perspectives to the event. Further details about the esteemed presenters will be announced at a later date.

One of the standout features of the NHS APA Conference 2023 is that it will be entirely virtual, making it easily accessible to participants from various locations. Additionally, the conference will be offered free of charge to all attendees. To secure a spot at this highly anticipated event, interested individuals are encouraged to register online through the conference website.

In other exciting news, the NHS APA is proud to be one of the founding members of The Anti-Stigma Network, a recently launched initiative. This network has been established with the goal of improving understanding surrounding the stigma and discrimination faced by individuals affected by drug and alcohol use.

The primary aim of The Anti-Stigma Network is to amplify the extensive range of ongoing anti-stigma efforts taking place throughout the UK. By fostering collaboration and knowledge sharing, the network seeks to maximize collective efforts and drive meaningful action to eradicate stigma. Furthermore, The Anti-Stigma Network plans to facilitate the creation of original work through collaborations with its diverse membership base.

The principles driving The Anti-Stigma Network are rooted in lived experience and the fundamental human rights of individuals. Utilizing evidence-based approaches, the network is committed to bringing about tangible real-world change. Not aligned with any political affiliation or hidden agenda, the network’s sole focus is on promoting fairness, justice, and dignity in the treatment of individuals affected by drug and alcohol use.

Membership in The Anti-Stigma Network is open to all interested individuals, without any membership fees. The network encourages its members to actively combat stigma and discrimination by speaking out against them whenever encountered. By working collaboratively with fellow members, individuals can enhance their understanding of stigma and discrimination and collectively fight against these injustices.

To learn more about The Anti-Stigma Network and join the movement, individuals are invited to visit the network’s official website at

By participating in the NHS APA 2023 Virtual Conference and joining The Anti-Stigma Network, individuals can contribute to challenging addiction stigma and advocating for a society that embraces empathy, understanding, and support for all





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