On November 2nd at 7:30 PM, The Outsider’s Project offers a soul-stirring journey into the lives of those who wear their narratives in ink, as it presents the re-launch of their sold-out 2021 show, “Tattoo.” Every tattoo tells a story, every line, and shade is a paragraph, and every colour is an emotion, inked permanently to remember, to express, to mourn, and to celebrate.

A Canvas of Narratives

Delve into unheard tales emerging from prison cells, addiction’s dark valleys, and the empowering environments of recovery rooms. These narratives, raw, uncensored, and brilliantly composed, are both a testament and a tribute to the resilience of the human spirit. They’re an expedition into the stories buried under ink and time, crafted and performed by the original outsiders, the extraordinary artists who have lived every word.

With the support of organizations such as Arts Council England, The National Lottery, The Alpine Fellowship and BEAF ,“Tattoo” promises an experience of untethered authenticity, echoing the potency and intensity of the stories inked on the bodies of the narrators.

Experience The Outsiders Project

Held at the theatre in the B.A.D. (Boscombe Arts Depot), part of the Safe Homes Network, this alcohol-free event is a sanctuary of expression where artists sidelined from society showcase their remarkable ability to create work of the highest calibre. It is not just a performance but a movement, a living narrative that mirrors the intricacies of life, celebrated and mourned, in all its stark realism.

“The Outsiders performances at the Kneehigh Asylum were the best things I’ve seen and heard for a decade. It has changed the way I think about the stories we tell. And that goes for every single person in the audience.”
Anna-Maria Murphy, Kneehigh Theatre

Accessibility and Tickets

In the spirit of inclusivity, the Outsider’s Project is adopting a ‘pay what you can’ system for the tickets, ensuring that art is accessible to all. Be it the silenced voices of outsider artists, asylum seekers, or refugees, or people seeking refuge in the transformative power of stories, “Tattoo” welcomes all above the age of 16.

Join the Movement

The Outsiders Project holds weekly creative writing workshops beckon the hidden artists amongst the marginalized communities in Boscombe. The Lock-In events are a sanctuary for outsider artists to unveil new work. Its mentoring sessions, hosted by experts such as Nell Leyshon and Damian Le Bas, promise nurturing guidance to complete projects.

The Outsiders Project invites you to a night where ink meets narrative, where stories engraved in skin come alive, and where every emotion, raw and unfiltered, finds a voice. “Tattoo” is an intimate glimpse into lives defined by struggles, victories, and the desire to express, to be heard and to belong.

For ticket information and inquiries, please reach us at gotbeaf@gmail.com or check the website.





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