The ARA Network has launched a new Online Gallery – a vibrant digital space dedicated to showcasing the incredible talents of artists in recovery.

Our online gallery is proud to feature artists whose works evoke profound emotions and ignite thought-provoking conversations. Let’s take a closer look at two of our current artists:

  1. (para)site: zack mennell’s ongoing project, (para)site, delves into the intersections of class, disability, queerness, and ecology through their own experiences. zack’s artistic journey takes shape through psychogeographic explorations of industrial sites, where they scavenge for materials and engage in captivating performative actions. Prepare to be captivated by the unique lens through which zack reflects on the world.
  2. leon clowes: editorial board member and writer for performing recovery, leon is an older disabled white working-class queer transdisciplinary artist. They channels their lived grief and loss into transformative artwork. Their powerful piece, “Nan Kids,” made waves at prestigious events such as SPILL, Deptford X, and Wandsworth Arts Festivals, earning recognition from BBC1 News and even inspiring a BBC Sounds podcast. Leon’s transdisciplinary artworks have graced renowned platforms such as Frieze Art Fair, Cafe Oto, and Queer Art Projects. Their remarkable contribution to the art world is truly awe-inspiring.

Are you an artist in recovery or connected to addiction recovery? We invite you to be a part of our growing online gallery. To have your artwork featured, contact us at We want to see the incredible stories people share through creativity.


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