The NHS Addictions Provider Alliance (APA) is inviting groups and individuals to participate in its transformative and free virtual conference, “Living the Stigma: Understanding Addiction & Overcoming Prejudice,” scheduled for Tuesday, 28th November 2023.

Building on the success of our previous online events, 2023’s conference aims to shine a light on the detrimental impact of stigma against individuals experiencing addiction and provide tangible strategies for dismantling these barriers through education and informed policy change.

Highlighting Voices of Lived Experience

Central to the conference are the voices of those who have lived through addiction. The NHS APA believes that understanding their experiences is key to addressing the following crucial topics:

  • The real impacts of addiction and the stigma it incurs.
  • Educational approaches to demystify and destigmatize addiction.
  • Strategies to combat prejudice and stigma in addiction.

Distinguished Speakers and Panelists

NHS APA have announced a line up of keynote speakers, including Dan Carden MP, Claire Murdoch CBE of NHS England, and Professor John Kelly of Harvard Medical School, among others. These experts will provide invaluable insights into public health, addiction recovery, and mental health, fostering a comprehensive understanding of the issues at hand.

A Call for Collective Action

Like NHS APA, recovery arts groups are at the forefront of challenging and breaking down the stigma surrounding addiction. Through artistic expression and creative engagement, groups addiction recovery arts play a pivotal role in transforming public perception and providing supportive communities for those affected by addiction.

The Anti-Stigma Network: A United Front

The Anti-Stigma Network represents a collective effort to improve understanding and eliminate discrimination faced by those affected by drug and alcohol use. This broad-based coalition, including educational institutions, charities, businesses, and policymakers, is dedicated to creating a fair, just, and dignified treatment of individuals impacted by addiction.

Join the Movement

NHS APA wants all groups representing people impacted by addiction to be part of this vital conversation. You can register for the free online event here





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