Brighton’s Not Saints Presents Rec-Fest: A Celebration of Recovery and Creativity

On 20th August, 12:30-17:00 Wagner Hall, Brighton plays host to a new recovery festival. Spearheaded by Not Saints, this day-long celebration brings together various local organizations to spotlight and support the journey of recovery.

Little Tealeif

Main Stage Lineup: Diverse and Talented

The main stage is slated to feature a series of sober acts, some of whom are homegrown talents from Brighton, while others hail from regions beyond. Attendees can look forward to performances from Mishkin Fitzgerald and The Chemical Perils, Little Tealeif, Ella Hayes, Daffodildos, Phil Mac, and No See Ums. Additionally, the event will kick off with an opening act by the Cascade Creative Recovery Choir.

The Secret Garden: An Alternative Experience

For those looking for a change of pace from the music, the Secret Garden provides a more relaxed setting. Here, visitors can find the Poetry Corner, which will showcase poignant verses and prose. Additionally, sporadic pop-up theatre presentations will offer attendees a taste of drama and performance. Rounding out the experience, various stalls will be present, providing resources and information from some of Brighton’s prominent creative recovery organisations.

Mishkin Fitzgerald

This event offers an opportunity for attendees to engage with Brighton’s creative community, all while underscoring the significance of sobriety and recovery. Whether you’re personally connected to the journey of recovery or are an appreciator of the arts, this gathering promises a diverse and enriching experience.

You can read more about Not Saints in Issue 3 of Performing Recovery.

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