Christina Schultz’s ‘Anarcomistical Herstories’, a performative phantastical lecture in collaboration with the Metzineres project, picture by Kati Riquelme.

Transdisciplinary artist Christina Schultz and director writer Sean Daniels are two of the international roster of artists at the upcoming Liverpool Hope University’s Addiction Recovery Arts Futures conference.

Gina Rickicki, Andrew Benator, and Tom Key in Sean Daniels’ ‘The White Chip’, a Dad’s Garage and Theatrical Outfit co-production, picture by Casey Gardner.

Christina Schultz’ workshop will be The Drug Tarot, a project embedded in Conjuros y Colocones (English translation: ‘Spells and Potions’). This project is a collaboration with Metzineres, a shelter and a day care space for women living with addiction issues and are survivors of multiple situations of violence.

Sean Daniels is associate director of Florida Studio Theatre and director of The Recovery Project. He takes a multi-pronged approach to addressing the stigma of addiction through theatre. Via a live online link up at the Addiction Recovery Arts Futures conference, Sean will be in conversation with Performing Recovery‘s Editor Alex Mazonowicz.

Sean Daniels, picture by Carl Schultz

Artists and academics working in the addiction recovery arena will be gathering in Liverpool for a conference that includes performances, presentations and practical sessions.

The event is free to attend but booking is required through the link below:

It promises to be an exciting and inspiring day. We hope you can join us.

Image from Christina Schultz’ ‘The Drug Tarot’, picture by Andre Gaietano


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